RULES FOR HIRING A TUTOR: charge 60% from the first month fees from the teacher. The teachers are also aware of this.
Whenever a tutor call you, first ask them that are they from
Must ask them for a free DEMO class. This is our academy’s policy. Let’s just not hire them by a talkative conversation. This is highly recommended keeping in view of the past experience.
The fees should be decided between parents and tutors it is non of our concern.
Never ever give a non professional offer to the tutors, such as directly dealing with the teacher and make a deal that you will not inform the academy about hiring a tutor. This shows non professionalism and if you does so and teacher agrees on the direct dealing, than how could you imagine that how he would be loyal with you? This certainly can reflect the intentions of a tutor.
We are not responsible for any monetary dealings between parents and tutors. Academy reserves the rights to cancel any tutor registration any time depending upon parent’s feedback. So you must not worry anytime when hiring a tutor from
For parents satisfaction it is highly recommended to must inform about tutor progress to the academy through FEEDBACK form.
Must inform about each and every absent to the academy.
The lecture time cannot exceed 1.5 hour per class. As it is first necessary for the parents to understand the definition of a “TUTOR”. This is policy.
Female teachers should be provided with the comfortable environment.
Fees is charged in advanced by the academy after a demo class which is non refundable in any circumstances.
Must keep the NIC (NATIONAL IDENTITY CARD) copy of the teacher, keeping in view the past experience of the city.
We don’t take responsibility regarding the commitments made by the teacher such as, completion of the course and good grades.

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