• Tutors are requested to visit our office with your CNIC copy.

  • Registration fee is 1500 RS which is non-refundable in any case

  • .A newly registered tutor would immediately get a tuition depending upon the availability of the tuition in their concerned areas and also the classes.

  • Complacency is not allowed in

  • Be responsive whenever tuition is referred to you. Your effective and quick handling can raise your stars and grading points which helps you in getting other tuitions.

  • We don’t appreciate SMS conversation always try to manage quick feedback with our manager through CALL.
    Parents are not picking up your call, is not the response which we wants from you. Call them after a gap of 40 mints. Don’t call them too much as the parents often gets offended. We don’t want our client to get offended as, it is also the question of our reputation.

  • We just provides one tuition at a time, if u done that tuition than you could be provided with the other tuition otherwise not, as we have mentioned our grading system we are keeping a strong eye on our grading system.

  • Try to be an apple of our MANAGER’S eye. As the tuition will be provided to you by our manager.

  • Don’t try to cheat us. Never ever try to deal with the parents directly. As you cannot imagine that your each and every call is recorded. So it is highly recommended from the not to be over smart because the academy which you are working in is much smarter than you.

  • The academy reserves the rights to cancel any tutor registration at any time. No excuse could be accepted.

  • Just for the understanding try to think that if you are a good teacher you could not gets terminated from tuition for at least six months. If that tuition is finalized at the payment of 10k per month than in 6 months you gets 60k from that only one tuition and academy will just get 5k so it’s not the bad deal to be made.

  • Any tutor who is not willing to follow the procedure will be fired and if he / she did any monetary cheating with parents and his pictures will be posted on websites including twitter as “fraudiya” and legal action will be taken on parents request. 
    Rules are subject to change at any time according to the requirements & Feedback from parents.

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